Our education programme works to ensure access to a quality basic education for all children in Zambia, with a particular focus on reaching children living in urban and rural poverty. We focus on improving access to primary education for marginalized and out of school children including children living with disabilities. We also work to improve learning outcomes for children at primary school level and access to quality ECCDE services for children between the ages of 3 and 6.

From playing an active role in supporting the Ministry of Education in the development of the ECCDE curriculum to the establishment of ECCDE centers, we are working tirelessly towards a quality education for all children. At the national level, we have supported the Ministry in the development of the ECCDE curriculum, policy and supplementary materials we have also supported Civil Society Organizations in raising awareness on the importance of ECCDE and the need for the government to provide ECCDE services.

Realizing that children, together with good infrastructure alone does not necessarily result in improved learning outcomes for children, we have also implemented the Quality Education Project (QEP); an approach that enables teachers to reflect and carryout action research for better learning outcomes for children.

 In 2012 we started our Child Sponsorship programme in Lufwanyama district of Copperbelt province, to supplement our education programing. The programme has since recruited over 7000 children into sponsorship, while also 6000 have been assigned to sponsorship.


Our education programs implemented in Copperbelt and Western provinces have contributed to improvements in school enrolments and improved quality of learning in ECCDE and primary education.

We have constructed new ECD centers and primary schools in Copperbelt and Western Provinces to allow access to education for children living in rural poverty.

Conducted teacher training in the new curriculum which includes classroom management and time tabling for ECCDE class has also led to improvement in quality.

The improvements in the quality of ECCDE services has been noted through the improved learner table and chair ratios as well as learner toy ratio.