Within the education sector Save the Children focuses on access and quality of education through various initiatives. Participatory solutions are explored with teachers to enhance in-classroom performance. Nearly 300 professionals have been trained in the existing methodology and there is an ongoing interest by the Ministry of Education to scale-up the program to other provinces. To support greater access to education, Save the Children has been engaged in the set-up and/or renovation of community and/or government schools across the country. In-line with the pending roll-out of a national policy on Early Childhood Development, Save the Children currently supports the set-up of community based Early Childhood Care Development and Education programs in rural areas. As part of efforts to decrease violence in schools, Save the Children supports work with teachers on ending corporal punishment, including the development of a module in the new teacher training curricula on positive discipline. 2012 was a start up year for the education sponsorship program, which has since recruited 680 children into sponsorship while 368 were assigned to sponsors by the end of the same year