Child Rights Governance

Strengthening the promotion and monitoring of children’s rights and creating a strong civil society for children’s rights is the key aim of Save the Children Country Office. Further, Save the Children supports civil society and government structures and enhances the capacity of children to claim their rights. Save the Children advocates for child friendly budgeting and spending and supports the process of budget tracking in Education, Child Protection and Nutrition & Health.

With our Child Rights programme, we aim to promote a country in which the rights of children are reality for all children. Hinging on the momentous step the Government of Zambia took in 1991 by ratifying the United Nations convention on the rights of the child, we are playing a role in ensuring that the Government domesticates the convention on the rights of the child by ensuring good Governance delivering child rights and public investment in children to realize their rights. We work with and for children to monitor and demand for children’s rights from the government. We support Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) submissions of stakeholder report under the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) as well as alternative reports to the UN Committee on the rights of the Child and the committee of Experts on the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (ACRWC).

 We develop interventions to empower children to influence governance through strategic partnership with local structures and support children and communities to advocate for improved social accountability processes to deliver child rights, ensuring that children have the ability to influence local and national level of governance for the realization of their rights.


We supported the National Child Rights Forum (NCRF) comprising of 13 members from civil society to prepare and validate the complementary report to the UN Committee of experts on the CRC, the UN Committee on CRC.

In 2013, the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) reviewed Zambia and recommendations were given on Education, Health and Child protection for implementation before Zambia s next review in 2016. Following the recommendations, in 2014, we have supported the Human Rights Commission (HRC) in the development of the UPR recommendations.

Successfully advocated for and participated in the revised National Child Policy. The revised policy has been approved by cabinet with and ensuring National Plan of Action drafted.

Successfully Advocated for an increase in budget allocation to Human Rights Council for the promotion and protection of children’s rights. In 2015 the budget allocation to the office of the commissioner for Children increased by 43%.