Child Rights Governance

Strengthening the promotion and monitoring of children’s rights and creating a strong civil society for children’s rights is the key aim of Save the Children Country Office. Further, Save the Children supports civil society and government structures and enhances the capacity of children to claim their rights. Save the Children advocates for child friendly budgeting and spending and supports the process of budget tracking in the Education sector.

The CRG Programme aims at supporting the state to fulfill children’s rights. The State should also be held accountable for what they do, or omit to do for children. The CRG Programme further endeavors to mobilize civil society to promote and defend children’s rights, as well as engage with other actors that influence child rights realization. The specific objectives of the Programme include:

  • Improving the operations of the office of the Commissioner for Children (ombudsman) in the HRC;
  • Strengthening capacity within civil society, including Child-Led Groups (CLOs) to promote children’s rights; and
  • The Universal Periodic Review reporting to the UN Human Rights Commission

In 2008, Save the Children supported the establishment Office of the Commissioner for the Children (OCC) under the HRC. This office was officially launched in 2009 and has been acknowledged as a key stakeholder in the child rights and protection sector. Save the Children has, to date, continued strengthening this office as it is seen as a valuable entity to the child rights sector. The following achievements can be attributed to Save the Children’s work in supporting the operations of the Office of the Commissioner for Children:

  • A desk study aimed at monitoring the implementation of the UNCRC was carried out.
  • Development of a Child Friendly version of the Desk Study Report on the implementation of the UNCRC in Zambia under the title “My Country My Rights; Are we there yet?”
  • Monitoring and inspection visits to facilities of care, correctional and detention for the purpose of establishing the extent to which the rights of the child in these facilities are respected.

Strengthening of the Office of the Commissioner for the Children in its mandate to investigate violations of, as well as raising awareness on children’s rights in Zambia.