Child Protection

The child protection programme is one of the main thrusts anchoring one of Save the Children’s breakthroughs. It aims at providing sustainable and long term preventive and responsive measures when protecting children from abuse, violence, exploitation and harm. The programme is based on our four subthemes: children without appropriate care, child protection systems strengthening, addressing violence against children, and protection of children from harmful practices and work.

Strengthening government child protection systems provides us with a strong national and community based child protection framework, integrating, both formal and informal components that ensure quality of child protection services, effective coordination and capacities and meaningful policies and laws for children.

The underlying principles for realizing the child protection goals and objectives prioritizes children who are marginalized and excluded, while at the same time taking child rights principles as the foundation stones for our work.

The child protection programme has national as well as community reach.


·      We facilitated finalization of the National Child Policy and the National Plan of Action; both providing a framework for implementation of national child protection systems.

Together with CSOs, Government line ministries, media agencies, research institutions, International NGOs and the private sector, we developed a national multi-sectorial response commitment plan to address violence against children as a framework that can be scaled up and used to fight violence against children.

In partnership with the Department of Social Welfare, UNICEF, CRS, Bethany Christian Services and CMMB we developed the reintegration guidelines for children. The guidelines will provide standard procedures for reintegration of children into families, so that any organization or institution reintegrating a child is in conformity.