Tuesday 20 March 2018

The Save the Children Child Friendly Space (CFS) at Kenani Refugee Transit Camp in Zambia’s Nchelenge District is a hive of activity, with over 600 children at any given time doing different activities according to their age groups. It is a popular space for children at the refugee camp, providing an escape from the trauma of running away from their home in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Save the Children organises a wide variety of activities at the CFS, which are facilitated by volunteers from the refugee community. These include drawing, drama, song and dance, ball games, board games and other fun activities for all ages and abilities. Counselling and child protection services are integrated within the programme. The CFS gives children the opportunity to relax and play among their friends, whilst also allowing their parents and caregivers some time to establish their lives in their new surroundings.

Moise making an elaborate design out of Lego - at the Save the Children CFSThirteen-year-old Moise Sambwa frequents the CFS. He enjoys playing with his peers and is always sad when their time is up and they have to go and play within the camp at their makeshift homes.

“I am happy here. I even forget to eat sometimes when I am playing here. I have made a lot of friends and they teach me things I didn’t know. I also teach them things they don’t know,” says Moise. He explains that the best time of the day for him is when it is their time to use the CFS to play ball games and interact with other children.