EU holds CSO Exhibition

Tuesday 1 August 2017

It’s a Saturday afternoon and people are flocking into the pavilion to sample the displayed work at the European Union, Civil Society Organisation (CSO) exhibition.

The event being held at Levy Park Mall in Lusaka, has seen over twenty local EU partners (including Save the Children) brand their stands to exhibit their works. A cosmopolitan crowd of individuals and families, mostly here for their weekend shopping, are trooping through the stands inquiring on what the exhibitors are show casing. The event is creative and exciting as seen by the majority of people that are visiting the stands to sample the displayed work.

A father writing down his pledge on what he will do for children in Zambia

At the Save the Children stand, visitors are seen enquiring about the work the organization is involved in while perusing, collecting fliers and branded pens in the process, before scribbling their commitment to children on a paper board.  The pavilion, decorated with Save the Children posters and banners, also has a “Commitment Conner” where visitors stick their written pledges on what they will do to make the world a better place for children.

A “Selfie Corner” clad under the back drop of a Save the Children spider banner is displayed and several people and be seen posing for pictures whilst displaying a placard reading “I Stand For #EveryLastChild_in_Zambia”.

Pezo poses for a photo at the selfie corner with her daughter

“I am here to support all the children of this country because they are the future. I am making this commitment as my contribution to ensuring that Every Last Child in Zambia is safe from any form of inequalities” says Pezo, a mother of two. 

Save the Children exhibitors pose for photos with other CSO exhibitors and the general public as a demonstration of unity and common purpose in partnership.